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F. Chopin (1810-1849) — Two CDs

Andante Spianato et
Grande Polonaise in E♭ Op.22
   Sample 1 - Sample 2 - Sample 3
Ballade No.1 in Gm Op.23 > Video
  Sample 1 - Sample 2 - Sample 3
Ballade No.3 in A♭ Op.47
   Sample 1 - Sample 2
Etude in E Op.10 No.3 - Tristesse Sample
Etude in C♯m Op.10 No.4 Sample
Etude in G♭ Op.10 No.5 - Black Keys Sample
Etude in Cm Op.10 No.12 - Revolutionary Sample
Mazurka in B♭ Op.7 No.1 Sample
Mazurka in Am Op.17 No.4 Sample
Mazurka in D Op.33 No.2 > Free
Nocturne No.2 in E♭ Op.9 No.2 Sample
Nocturne No.13 in Cm Op.48 No.1 Sample
Nocturne No.14 in F♯m Op.48 No.2 Sample
Polonaise No.3 in A Op.40 No.1 - Military Sample
Polonaise No.6 in A♭ Op.53 - Heroic
   Sample 1 - Sample 2
Prelude in Em Op.28 No.4 Sample
Prelude in Bm Op.28 No.6 Sample
Prelude in A Op.28 No.7 Sample
Prelude in D♭ Op.28 No.15 - Raindrop Sample
Prelude in Cm Op.28 No.20 Sample
Prelude in Dm Op.28 No.24 Sample
Scherzo No.1 in Bm Op.20
   Sample 1 - Sample 2 - Sample 3
Scherzo No.2 in B♭m Op.31
  Sample 1 - Sample 2
Waltz No.2 in A♭ Op.34 No.1 Sample
Waltz No.3 in Am Op.34 No.2 Sample
Waltz No.6 in D♭ Op.64 No.1 - Minute Sample
Waltz No.7 in C♯m Op.64 No.2 > Free
Waltz No.9 in A♭ Op.69 No.1 - L’adieu Sample
Waltz No.19 in Am Op.posth Sample

Program notes

GREGORY KINDA, born and trained in Poland, lets the music of Chopin speak with the special authority of two centuries of tradition, from the gentle poetry of the Preludes, the soaring vocal lines of the Nocturnes, the fluid dance rhythms of the Waltzes and Mazurkas to the sparkling virtuosity of the large scale concert works.

Kinda’s overview includes the patriotic Heroic Polonaise Op.53. This and the Military Polonaise Op.40 No.1 are amongst Chopin’s most famous works. To this day they remain as popular musical symbols of his homeland.

Four of the Etudes Op.10 are performed. Some require an astonishing virtuoso technique but also the sensibility to leave space for the music to breathe. Kinda skillfully balances the technical and emotional aspects of these show pieces.

Nocturnes from Op.9 and Op.48 are fine examples of Chopin’s melodic intensity and harmonic originality.

Waltzes include the Minute Waltz Op.64, the introspective A Min Op.Posth., Op.69, and the great Valse Brillante Op.34.

Chopin wrote Mazurkas throughout his life, documenting the development of his harmonic skills. Based on traditional forms and rhythms, these stylized dances are often richly chromatic. Gregory Kinda plays from Op.7, Op.17, and Op.33.

Six of the Preludes Op.28, including the celebrated Raindrop, are gems from this remarkable and very popular set of 24 poetic miniature masterpieces.

Of Chopin’s major concert items, Kinda plays two each of the Ballades and Scherzi plus the Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise. In these we hear the architecture and soul of Chopin’s music presented with great conviction.