Violin · Viola Lessons in Albury

Getting started

Violin Viola lessonsSTUDENTS ARE WELCOME from age six. Adults are also invited, especially parents wishing to learn alongside their children in shared lessons, although two different sized instruments may be needed.

The viola is a large instrument and normally follows a few years of violin playing. Generally a student needs to be 13 or older to hold a viola comfortably.

We are qualified to prepare students for formal exams and will cover advanced string playing technique, general knowledge of classical music, aural training and the public performance skills necessary to make strong progress in the AMEB or ANZCA system.

However, exams are not our primary concern. Our main focus is building comprehensive music skills that allow our students to enjoy music as a lifelong pursuit. Our emphasis is in developing strong sight-​reading ability, building a large repertoire of short concert pieces rather than just a few difficult ones each year, and giving students much more than instructions on how to play the notes.

Your instrument

IT IS VITAL that the student and instrument are physically matched. For this reason violins are available in several sizes. A player beginning at age six may need as many as five different instruments by the time they reach their mid-teens and are able to hold a full sized instrument.

Leatham Studios offers instrument rentals for $45 per term for smaller instruments. A limited number of full-sized violins are available for a maximum rental period of one year.

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